Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. is a Georgia-based staffing and supportive services company dedicated to providing the best people and health solutions for people who need it most. We specialize in providing in-home community-based home health care, staffing solutions for provider agencies, management services, and supportive training. Home Health services is a growing field, addressing critical needs in elder populations, homes with persons who are disabled, and providing compassionate care for injured and ill persons.

Founded in 2007 in Hoschton, Georgia, our quality services have expanded to 15 additional counties since that time to provide stellar services, best practice-aligned training, and launching the careers of hundreds of health professionals who are now caring for our communities and homes with a concern and skill that provides dignity and hope for their clients. Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. is a critical provider for diverse populations, specializing in solutions for the Asian, Latinx, African, and Russian communities. Additionally, our Private Pay division works with persons with assistive needs not covered by Medicaid.


Family and Community Involvement in Care

  • We work with the family and circle of friends as much as possible to ensure quality care
  • We seek to improve health outcomes by focusing on maintaining and improving client independence
  • We ensure that the house is a home: discretion and dignity are the basis for our interaction with clients

Commitment to Excellence and Customer Service

  • Our corporate integrity and industry compliance standards exceed expectation
  • Our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Team ensures staffing models for subcontracted agencies provide the contact and administrative support for their clients
  • Our sophisticated staffing solutions provide 21st century time and attendance systems, feedback channels, a company-owned call center operating during extended service hours, and training programs

A Decade of Experience in The Health Industry

  • We are here to serve, and continue to serve because of the incredible quality we provide
  • Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and expertise in health operations, finance, service models, government compliance, and patient-centered care

Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. provides home health care services and staffing for agencies and persons who need high quality, compassionate care for persons who need it most. Maintaining our clients’ independence, dignity, and happiness is our top priority. Our nurses and network of partner providers provide affordable respite care, in-home care, and advanced health services.