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About home health care services

I am not a Medicaid recipient, but I have limited Income and assets and need services. Am I eligible?

Contact us for assistance in determining your eligibility. We are here for you.

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How much do services cost?

Based on Medicaid income limits, some eligible individuals pay for a percentage of their services, while others have full coverage. Please contact us for more information, and please have your healthcare information readily available, including contact information for your provider.

Who is eligible for Home Health Care Services?

  • Individuals who qualify, or potentially qualify, for Medicaid.
  • Individuals who otherwise need institutional care in a nursing facility. Screening and assessment determine that health and safety needs may be met by services in the home, a facility, or community.

What services are available?

Eligible individuals may receive a combination of CCSP services and other Community resources. A care coordinator assesses appropriateness for CCSP, develops a comprehensive plan of care with the client, and arranges for the delivery of service(s). The care coordinator monitors providers of service, the quality of service delivery, and ongoing client care.

What is the Community Care Services Program (CCSP)?

CCSP supports older and/or functionally impaired consumers to remain in their homes and communities. The CCSP is a Medicaid waiver program that provides community based social, health and support services to eligible consumers as an alternative choice to institutional placement.

How do I find out if I am eligible for CCSP?

Application or referral occurs when you or a family member contacts your local AAA or call us for help. We are here for you!

How long will I be eligible to receive CCSP services?

Services are dependent upon an individual’s continuing ability to meet criteria and payment requirements.

Is there a waiting list for CCSP services?

Admission to CCSP is based upon available funding provided by the state legislature. A waiting list may be available if current funding does not provide for immediate services. Priority is given to those most in need of services, as determined by state regulations and medical assessment.


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Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. provides home health care services and staffing for agencies and persons who need high quality, compassionate care for persons who need it most. Maintaining our clients’ independence, dignity, and happiness is our top priority. Our nurses and network of partner providers provide affordable respite care, in-home care, and advanced health services.