Resources for Companions, Family, Friends, and Communities

In today’s world, health is administered within medical facilities by trained professionals as well as in the home. The challenge with in-home care is that many caregivers are themselves working full-time, have children, and are also caring for an aging parent or ill family member. The stress and toll that this takes on a person can be incredible. Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. recognizes this, and has organized a list of supplementary service providers to alleviate the weight of responsibility and stress of juggling calendars, needs, budgets, and burnout experienced by caregivers.

Remember, it is of vital importance to take care of yourself so that you can continue to be a caregiver for those who need you. We are here to assist however we can.

Below are a few reputable websites and organizations that can help you get started on information that may be important to you as a caregiver, and help you to begin the process of restoring balance to your life.

General Information

  1. eldercare.gov: Provides access to your local office on aging and possible resources
  2. benefitscheckup.org: Provides information on local, state and federal programs for your family member, based upon eligibility
  3. medicare.gov: Official government site for information on Medicare benefits, with comparisons of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Coping and Support

  1. familycaregiving101.org: Provides practical advice on what to expect as a family caregiver
  2. caps4caregivers.org: Provides an online support group for family caregivers, also offering local resources
  3. workingcaregiver.com: Provides information and support geared to those who are working as full-time, or off-location, caregivers
  4. www.caregiver.org: Provides information, support and resources for family caregivers

We Need Help – What are Our Options?

  1. nahc.org: Provides information about various types of health care services that your family member can receive in-home
  2. npda.com: Provides information about what your options, risks and obligations are when hiring someone to care for your family member in their home
  3. caremanager.org: Provides information and resources regarding professional care managers who can assist your family with assessing need, making plans, and coordinating care
  4. naela.org: Provides information and resources on attorneys who specialize in elder issues like estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, advance directives, health care proxies, etc.
  5. nadsa.org: Provides information and resources on adult day care programs
  6. longtermcareliving.com: Provides cost, location, and specialty information on nursing homes and assisted living
  7. careplanners.net: Provides assistance in choosing between different types of living options by offering information specific to various care choices
  8. aadmm.com: Provides daily money management and financial assistance information and resources for those living in financial need

Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. provides home health care services and staffing for agencies and persons who need high quality, compassionate care for persons who need it most. Maintaining our clients’ independence, dignity, and happiness is our top priority. Our nurses and network of partner providers provide affordable respite care, in-home care, and advanced health services.