Skilled Nursing

Professional nursing care may be provided in the home or at a care facility. RNs and LPNs are available when directed by a physician. In some regions, services may be covered by Medicare, hospice, or managed care when criteria are met.  Nursing offerings include wound care, post-operative private duty nursing, administration of medication, clinical assessments, pain management, and more.

Home Health Aide

HHA tasks are designed to assist individuals with healthcare tasks, personal hygiene, home tidiness, meal preparation, ADLs, exercising, and more complex services (RN may be required).

Personal Support Services

Designed to assist clients with everyday self-care activities, supportive services may be provided standalone or with a homemaker/companion services. These can include bathing, dressing, grooming, and more.

Appointment Escort Services

Errands and companion services are provided as-requested, and ensure that our clients can maintain important social, medical, familial, and community appointments. Highly trained companions ensure safe departure and arrival for the customer, to and from their destination.

Live-In Service

24-hour daily care may be provided, with daily care and nightly supervision. This enables clients to remain in their homes when they may be at risk if left unattended. This service can be scheduled for a short (less than 3 days), recovery  (less than 2 weeks), or long-term (more than 2 weeks) basis.

IV Infusion Services

We provide for the administration of antibiotics, therapeutics, analgesics, chemotherapy, and nutrition IV services as needed, in the home. IV services can be provided on a visit, or hourly basis. Industry compliance needs are maintained, as well as protections for aides and clients.

Respite Care

This service relieves the primary caregiver to an ill or disabled family/friend in an effort to reduce burnout and stress. Respite Care can be provided hourly, daily, weekly, or intermittently. Most Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. offerings can be provided through Respite Care.

Homemaker Companion

This service offers a vital, non-medical personnel designed to promote the continuance of quality of life, specifically engaged to focus on an individual’s ability to live an active, safe, and health lifestyle. Services can include safety monitoring to prevent falls, communicating current events, light housekeeping, reading, and more.


Consultation or Assessment

Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. recognizes that every client and situation is different. We personalize care to meet clients where they are mentally, physically, and emotionally as they select a qualified home care provider. Our holistic approach provides in-person consultation with the client and family or friends to discuss the unique circumstances and help clients determine the appropriate quality care options. All care provided is continually assessed, coordinated, and monitored for quality.


What Forms of Payment

does Jas Links Accept?

We know that if you are contacting our company, you are facing an urgent and critical life event. Home-based services provide calm and familiarity that can be healing and restorative for clients and their families. Choosing the right home care is an incredibly important decision. You can have peace of mind knowing that a variety of Private Pay care can supplement services funded through government-funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

  • Private pay from client, family trusts, POA
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Association Grants
  • Other Insurance (where applicable)

Subcontract Service Agreements

We offer services on a contractual basis with:

Certified Home Health Agencies

Hospice Programs

Managed Long Term Care Programs

Nursing Homes

Home Care Agencies

Health Plans

Jas Links Healthcare Services, Inc. provides home health care services and staffing for agencies and persons who need high quality, compassionate care for persons who need it most. Maintaining our clients’ independence, dignity, and happiness is our top priority. Our nurses and network of partner providers provide affordable respite care, in-home care, and advanced health services.